Use Scintillator to set a mood with animated light. Easily design animations or enjoy one-tap launch of effects for Hue, Nanoleaf, LIFX, and Avea.



Zero to amazing in 5 seconds


Choose instantly. Design in seconds.
Lots of bulbs? Run multiple effects at once.

main screen main screen

Tap to use an effect, or tap + to create a new one. Just pick a mode, some colors, and a set of bulbs. Then tweak all you like.

  • Effects at a glance
  • Run multiple effects at once
  • Live editing – effects show immediately
  • Clone, edit, and share effects too
palette vivid swatch open button

Choose the look - Color Palettes


LED lighting is all about colors. Design your own palettes or grab colors from photos.

Zarf palette  

Add, subtract, and change colors with live preview. Even generate colors from photos.


Got a swatch file? Just tap “Open in Scintillator.”








  • Lots of built-in palettes
  • 5 color choosers: bulb models, Kelvin, CIE
  • Palettes are shareable












Scintillator understands your favorite .ACO and .ASE swatches from Photoshop, dribbble, colourlovers, and more!

Easily group your bulbs for quick access.

  bulbs bulb set GUI

No more hunting for the right bulbs – make a group and you’re done. Swap a new group into an animation at any time.


  • Edit bulbsets while they’re running
  • Unlimited sets
  • Mix Hue, Nanoleaf, LIFX, and Avea together
  • Overlapping sets when running? Handled.






Zarf palette  

Send animations and palettes to friends. Copy designs to your other devices.

share menu


Animations, palettes, and bulb sets are all shareable. Now you can trade effects with friends and use them on all your iOS devices.

  • Import and export native files
  • Import .ACO and .ASE palettes
  • Open files straight from Safari